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AquaDam Temporary Dams for Construction 

The industry leading water filled cofferdam / temporary dam system in continuous manufacture for over 25 years. Our design emphasis is all about safety, ease of use and quality. Our business is all about customer service and successful outcomes.

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Your temporary dam needs can be met at reduced cost from our stock of AquaDam SpeedyDams   - straight line cofferdams, 3 sided cofferdams and flumes. The Speedy range comes in two size models and a range of standard lengths from 5m to 25m. Specifically designed with user installation in mind allowing you to retain full control of cofferdam costs and schedule. If you need onsite installation assistance we have an AquaDam Experienced User Service available delivered by AWS (AIRS) Ltd.

Next day despatch, from £425.00 / €499,00   (excl. VAT / TVA & delivery Speedy 5/60).

AquaDam Speedy 25/90
25m Speedy 90 with straight connection collar
AquaDam Rerolling Tool
Our Speedy re-roll tool makes it easy!
Speedy 15/90 Cofferdam
Our best selling AquaDam - the 15m Speedy 90

Quotations for all ranges call us on +44 (0) 1793 251700

Typical Installation Layouts
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2 & 3 Sided
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Construction Range

AquaDams is designed with open-ended fill tubes. This makes for rapid emptying and removal as compared with fill port type systems. The woven geotextile construction delivers vastly superior tear propagation resistance characteristics as compared with other materials such as PVC.

AquaDam name * Speedy 60 Speedy 90 5ft Standard 6ft Standard 8ft Standard
MCD 60cm 90cm 1.0m 1.25m 1.8m
Filled height 92cm 1.22m 1.53m 1.83m 2.44m
Filled width 2.1m 2.9m 3.4m 4.3m 5.5m
Launch allowance 2m 2.5m 3m 4m 5m
Table definitions.
MCD = maximum controlled water depth
Filled Height = height of AquaDam when correctly inflated (important for height restricted areas)
Filled Width = width when correctly inflated. (important for confined working areas)
Launch Allowance = length of dam required in addition to the water line length of your planned temporary dam
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