Cofferdams in Lakes and Ponds with AquaDam

For cofferdams / temporary dams in lakes up to 3ft or 90cm water depth AquaDam is likely your most cost effective solution. Ease of use and the emphasis on user installation gives you control of your schedule at low cost. Where a project calls for multiple installations of a dam the ability to reposition in-house makes for unbeatable value. See Lake Wall Repair Project below.

AquaDam temporary dam
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Lake Wall Repair Project-  50m three sided cofferdam installation. This low cost AquaDam combination is repositioned as required to complete a long wall repair. A pair of 25m Speedy 25/90s connected together with a straight collar plus a pair of Speedy 5/90s each with right angle collars to close the C shape.  See also Bank Repairs

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temporary lake dam

The very same AquaDams in the photos above and below. AquaDams owned by Miles Water Engineering Ltd. The project above is recent and below is circa 2011 at Burgess Park, London.

AquaDam temporary dam

SILT - the anatomy of an AquaDam is such that the dam will tend to sit on top of a silt layor with only modest penetration. There can be issues with sliding on silt. Where this is a risk it is readily address using any available buttressing material. 

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