Business & Community Flood Protection with AquaDam

Combating tidal surge with AquaDam

This AquaDam in Galway, Ireland has been deployed on multiple occasions in recent years to protect against flooding resulting from a combination of high tides and adverse weather. AquaDam is often a viable low cost solution to tidal surge where a permanent structure is either not appropriate or delayed. 

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If your business or community is under threat from tidal surge an AquaDam flood barriers, purchased or on contract hire, may be a viable option. Call us to discuss on +44 (0) 1793 251700 

Combating fluvial flooding with AquaDam

A very small community in Yorkshire have been able to secure funding to purchase a 150m AquaDam flood barrier package. The dams are installed by the local flood group who periodically meet to rehearse their proceedures and check over their equipment. 

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The triple photo sequence above shows part of a 6 x 25m AquaDam flood barrier - total length 150m. The TEXAS has a 190cm filled width. Installation team are 3 physically fit individuals from a pool of 6 volunteers. Flood water is used to fill the barriers. The 6 dams, water pumps and equipment are stored in a single garage.

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