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Why select AquaDam for your flood protection?

Light weight and compact for storage - unless you're incredibly unfortunate your flood protection equipment will spend most of its service life stored in readiness for a flood. Consequently, when calculating whole of life cost storage is highly significant. 

Most DEMA model AquaDam operators prefer each 170kg/ 25m flood barrier to be delivered palletised for flexible storage. (other unit lengths available- see below)

Some operators prefer their flood barriers loose as in the 42 DEMA model AquaDams about to be loaded into the  "NTG" trailer in the photograph. These mobile flood barriers torepresent a total capability of 1050m or just a a kilometer. 

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Customise to suit your operational requirements - our DEMA and TEXAS models come in 25m units as  standard. Unit length, branding, handling systems, pump compatibility are all customisable.  

Weight and length - for optimum operational effectiveness we can modify the barriers suit larger or smaller installation teams. 

Equipment & Procedures Compatability - pump couplings to operational training and procedures we have substantial experience modifying our standard offering to fit into your existing sytems.

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Low cost - for total flood barrier lengths in excess of 50m acquisition costs are very modest as compared with metal frame solutions.  

Beredskabsstyrelsen Midtjylland, the Danish Emergency Management Agency (DEMA) were contracted with us to purchase 40 x 25m DEMA model AquaDams. Thus far (November 2018) Beredskabsstyrelsen have purchased around 240 units (6km) plus accessories.

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Well proven and visibly effective - The most powerful argument for selecting AquaDam is that the system is visibly effective. For any flood protection system to be credible there should be lots of photographs of that product working correctly in real life flood events (not to be confused with staged demonstrations). Naturally, such photographs will be available on company websites and across the internet. AquaDam was first manufactured around 1985. AquaDam in Europe and the USA can boast plenty of such photographs and videos across the internet, social media and on this website. AquaDam Flood Protection Gallery

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MFD = Maximum Flood Depth