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Which SpeedyDam?  

Which Model? 

The 90 range will control up to 3ft / 90cm of water.This dam is around 2.9m wide.

As standard the 90 range has 3" layflat, male & female pump couplings and jubilee clips included in the price. 

The 70 range is recommended for water around 2ft / 60cm. This dam is around 2m wide.

Both models, in all lengths, available for next day despatch (or same day collection)  from stock.

What Length?
Speedy 05 - 5m long, Speedy 10 - 10m long and so on, up to the Speedy 25.

To choose the correct SpeedyDam length estimate WATERLINE LENGTH and add Launch Allowance. 

Launch Allowance
90 range 2.5m 
70 range use 2m.

Example Speedy 90 length calculation: 
Waterline length 9m, 9m + 2.5m = 11.5m, Select Speedy 15/90

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Buy SpeedyDam Here
Buy SpeedyDam Here

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