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How to install a SpeedyDam

Each SpeedyDam  is delivered with a paper copy Quick Start Guide. In addition there's a Quick Start video (vieable on smart phones)  plus electronic documents including a generic Risk Assessment and generic Method Statement. 

Our dams are designed with user installation in mind. For the more challenging situations on site installation assistance is available.

Installation in a nutshell...

Straight line installation - as the dam is filled with water allow it to unroll. Unrolling is controlled using the blue line (3 below)

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3 sided cofferdam - using off the shelf Speedys with 900 connection collars

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Curved installation - unroll is controlled by operatives in the water. Excess length is tied off to prevent unrolling (see inset photo).

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3 Sided Dams
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Telephone +44 (0) 1793 251700 or email sales@aquadam-europe.com