AquaDam's Credentials

AquaDam has an impressive portfolio of users in Europe, the UK, Canada and the USA. Including Beredskabsstyrelsen (Danish Emergency Management Agency),  Irish Government Agencies, Nuclear power operators Duke Energy and Exelon Corporations, the Louisiana State Government, the US Department of State, the Government of Manitoba. a UK high street bank and a major UK LPG upstream supplier.

Emergency Flood Response within the EU

DEMA model AquaDam flood barriers fulfil the EU specification for civil protection and are sucessfully operating in multiple territories.

Denmark 1

The portability of AquaDam and our training material allows neighbouring agencies to share equipment and render flood protection assistance to neighbouring communities in times of need.  

Danish AquaDam Distribution across 6 Locations

The Danes have made AquaDam their own and have over 200 people trained in AquaDam operations across 6 regions - Thisted, Herning, Haderslev, Hedehuesene, Naestved and Allinge. 

Galway County Council - Ballinasloe AquaDams

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These DEMA model AquaDams were purchased by Galway County Council in October 2016. 

Infrastructure Protection (Hospital)

At Woman’s Louisiana, a hospital caring for hundreds of woman and new born babies, concerns were rising for the safety of the site, its patients and its staff. An onsite lake was rising dangerously high and threatened to overrun the hospital. Executives at the hospital turned to the Governor's Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness, where experts forecast 3 feet of water would overrun the building. The solution - AquaDam mobile flood barriers.

Woman's Hospital - see case study
AquaDam's Credentials
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