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AquaDam Flood Barrier Range

For general purpose flood protection  we offer a range of AquaDams suitable for flood depths up to 80cm. 

For specialist situations such as critical  infrastructure we offer cost effective barriers suitable for flood depths up to 180cm to serve as an alternative to a permanent flood bund.

Standard lengths, typically 25m and 50m depending on model) are joined to form barriers of unlimited length (max to date 8km / 8000m. 
For the most cost effective solutions flood barrier capability should be matched to probable flood depth. AquaDam is available in a range of MFDs (Max Flood Depth).

MFD Filled Height Filled Width
30cm 45cm 90cm
50cm 90cm 190cm
80cm 122cm 290cm

30cm MFD (County)

A light weight, quick response barrier suitable for shallow flooding. Low cost, minimal storage and swift to deploy by a 2 or 3 person team - ideal for volunteer/citizen installation. 

50cm MFD (Texas)

A good combination of ease of deployment, low cost and a flood depth capability . Typically supplied in 30m and 50m lengths and the width is circa 2m. 1km can be stored in a single car park space  (20 x 50m units 3 storey stillages). These dams are held in stock.

80cm MFD (DEMA)

Currently favoured in in mainland Europe as a general purpose barrier for tactical flood protection. Supplied in 25m lengths. Deployment requires 3 to 4 people.