50m Business Flood Pack
from £1,995.00 excl. VAT & delivery
Low cost, compact, complete flood protection package for the occupiers of business premises seeking to avoid business disruption resulting from shallow flooding. Follow the link for more details and pricing.

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AquaDam Shallow Flood Packs

In the Business Pack there's a 50m (167ft) flood barrier, launch dam, water pump, pipes and connectors. The dam will resist flooding up to 30cm/1ft in depth. Petrol & 110v pump option.

What can you do with a County Flood Pack?

 - Semi circular flood bund
 - Flood water diversion eg. road run-off
 - Protect vulverable entrances 
 - Re use 
 - Add additional dam(s) as required

County Flood Packs

Business Flood Pack

- Affordable flood protection from £1,995.00
excl. VAT & delivery VAT

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- email sales@aquadam-europe.com

- Available for delivery throughout the European Union.

- Euro payments accepted. 

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MFD = Maximum Flood Depth