AquaDam the Product
AquaDams were first developed in the United States around 1985 by David Doolaege. David holds multiple worldwide patents for water filled cofferdams.

Over time AquaDam and its associated techniques have evolved into a highly effective temporary dam system.

When filled with water an AquaDam adopts the properties of a semi rigid body with the ability to contour rough and uneven surfaces to form a temporary dam. The principal applications for AquaDam are temporary dams for construction and flood control.

Joining collars allow AquaDams to be connected to create flood barriers of unlimited length. The longest AquaDam to date is in Manitoba, Canada where two 8km flood barriers run in parallel to keep a road open vital to the commercial life of the city of Brandon.

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AquaDam Incorporated
Based in the US Aqua Dam Inc. 's major customers include the Louisiana State Purchasing Department, Duke Energy and the Exelon Corporation. AquaDam has been successfully used to protect Nuclear Generating facilities from flooding

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AquaDam Europe Ltd
Trading since 2009 AquaDam Europe owns the AquaDam brand rights for the European Union and the United Kingdom.

Based in Swindon, England AquaDam Europe supplies AquaDam for the Flood Protection and the Construction Industries. Our largest AquaDam flood protection user is the Danish Emergency Management Agency (DEMA or Beredskabsstyrelsen). DEMA operate around 6,000m of our 80cm MFD product. DEMA have successfully integrated AquaDam into their disaster management operation including an AquaDam commitment to the rescEU initiative.

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AquaDam in use across the globe

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